The Rainbow Warrior prophecy is about healing the earth when it is ravaged and the animals are dying. Before Atlantis was destroyed spiritual people gather together and programmed their knowledge into crystals and buried them deep within the Earth. They knew one day spiritual people would find these crystals and meditate with them and remember the once-great Empire of Atlantis to save the world from destruction. The same people that destroyed Atlantis still exist today and are known as the Illuminati. They are using secret atmospheric weapons known as Chemtrails and HAARP to wage war on the spirit of our planet. Moses and Jesus were powerful shamans that were able to control the weather because the power of God and the Holy Spirit work through them to serve their people.

There needs to be 144000 enlightened Masters on Earth to hold the frequency and heal the Earth at this time in the Book of Revelations. Many ascended masters such as Nikola Tesla and Marcel Vogel where in direct communication with higher dimensional beings. Marcel Vogel brought back ancient Atlantean phi crystals back because he received visions and dreams how to cut crystals with the kabbalistic Tree of Life to amplify intention. Even dr. Massaro Emoto proved that thoughts can affect water how much more an amplifier Crystal on the effects of matter. All these great scientists were spiritual scientist and they were bringing back lost information to better serve this world. Rainbow Warriors are powerful shamans and magicians that have developed superhuman psychic abilities.

We live in an age of information and ignorance is a choice. There is a cure for everything on Earth and we cannot solve The World’s problems with the same level of Consciousness that created it. Rainbow Warriors using 144 sided Atlantean and crystals are the equivalent of 144000 prayers focused into a powerful laser which can be used to affect the micro levels of DNA and the macrocosmic levels of the universe.