Joe’s Message

“Lightworkers, energy healers, earth angels, starseeds, “Who do you share your information with that can also help empower you on the same frequency?? Sometimes there’s no use in trying to convince people that are committed to misunderstanding you.. they’re not ready.. They’re afraid and they want to stay in the matrix.. and that’s okay.. We gotta respect their free will and for a lot of people who are going through this spiritual path of ascension right now, we are doing this work, we’re understanding that there are things in this world that are changing rapidly and we want to be a part of that shift! ..holding onto old structure systems is just going to lead to more suffering. So, that is part of the divine plan.. and to hold this light does take a lot of patience. Takes a lot of getting to know yourself and healing yourself by forgetting yourself in this process because it’s not an easy path. Not everybody out there is meant to understand what you’re doing in this time because we have to think about the condition of the world. We are transitioning from one age to the next.. so being a pioneer is not going to be easy, but it’s the most rewarding thing out there keep positive.. Just remember your pain may seem like it’s lasting, but it’s never everlasting.” -Joe Eigo