Ally’s Message

“We cannot save you while you do nothing to save yourselves we are here to remind you that it is up to you to find your inner savior just as we have done. We are no different than you we are family to you, we all live on this planet together. We all want what’s right for each other and for the common good of all. Find a savior within yourselves and divine consciousness will soon save the planet and we will not stop until you remember who you are. We are all connected remember ? Since the separation from whatever it is we came from, third dimensional consciousness is a limited view of our origins. With that being said, if you are primarily logical minded then you will in this reality only experience the connections we can physically see and proof with material. Suppose you were a child and you were separated from the thing that you knew kept you safe, warm and fed. Now imagine leaving that place and coming into a world without understanding how to use this new meat vessel. This is a very traumatic experience for humans, and from what I know people do not remember the time of transition and leaving the mother because the new human has not been able to integrate such trauma and as a survival tactic for protection against more trauma the memory automatically forgets. All of us have or will experience separation from our parents at one point. we have been confused and forgot who we were. It all starts from within. Finding my divine counterpart within has been the greatest thing that I have come to experience in this lifetime. True love is not outside of oneself it can only be experienced without if it is first found within.” ~Ally Seraphim